About Us

We are Men Fatale. Join us on our journey of self-expression, gender deconstruction and excessive vegan cheese consumption.

Shonalika Tilak

Songwriting + Vocals 

Forced to play metal on an acoustic due to social ineptitude. Today, they perform and record with the various queers listed below, the only people capable of sticking them out. 

Lilith Ghost

Drums + Production

Lilith Ghost is a raging tatooed dyke that is coming for your mother and happens to be a musical genius. 

This genius can be further witnessed as the guitarist of Pink Narcissus, and in her solo and collaborative projects Blood The Band and Ghost Verses

James Cronin


A jazzy 80's pop musician who really doesn't know how he was talked into being in this band and isn't at all sure whether he actually likes what he's playing. 

Also does top synthpop as Envelope Generator

Jeannie De Gray Birch


A small young human of few words. Likes makeup, alcohol, and avocados. 

Background image © Natalie Tamara 

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