December 31, 2016

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Buffering, Restarting.

December 31, 2016

About time I said something right? Provided anyone's still paying attention. 


Any new faces here? Hello! I haven't put out nothing at all for the last year or so after promising an impending EP. Quiet, the rest of you. 


What happened? I moved in with that cursed Lilith Ghost, that's what - cursed in the literal sense it appears. Bad luck tends to follow her and it certainly followed us. Barely after settling in, sewage started to seep in through the floor, the air fogged with ammonia, and our wonderful estate agents were perfectly content to let us stew there forever. 


We fled, she to London and I from one sofa to another, gaining and losing jobs as I went like a misshapen hermit crab. Throughout all of this, Lilith, Roch and I continued to meet and add to the EP, doing whatever we could, whenever we could. Pictured left in one of my various temporary homes.


Months later, I found myself in a peaceful house, surrounded by lovely people, with a job that just about paid the bills. I was so happy simply to have this that I went along for another few months just relishing in the sheer normality and lack of stress of it all. 


The only trouble was that the job I had was in catering, very hands-on, and didn't exactly help my hypermobility induced tendonitis/RSI. As the year progressed, I found myself unable to do anything except work. When I wasn't doing my job, I was resting. Music took a serious back seat. 


Winter kicked in, and after a rapid decline I found myself unable to work.


At this stage I freaked out and decided to move to Edinburgh. I'd be able to live at least initially rent-free with family, giving me the time to recover to an at least functional state.


Happily, I realised in enough time that ditching all my connections and friends was a really bad idea. This condition is long-term, and the solution is to learn how to adapt around it to do what I want, not allow it to push me to the other side of the country. 


What I really did become aware of after having this pseudo-epiphany, though, was that I was living in Brighton in order to do music, and my circumstances and mindset had me doing no music at all. 


Time to seriously change that.


As well as the full band EP, which I aim to have finished Jan/Feb time, I'm now also working collaboratively with the excellent and relatively new-to-Brighton musician Envelope Generator. I'll also be back to gigging with a nice dollop of new material. Keep your eyes peeled. 






I've finally conceded to the fact that being my own guitarist is too risky, in the event that, for example, I have a flare up right before a gig and am unable to play. We've got a new guitarist lined up to try out, but at some point we'll probably be in need of a keys/synth player too. If you want to play with us, or you know someone who would, get in touch. Being any combination of lefty, vegan, feminist, and queer or queer-aware will help you fit in. Being versatile, chilled out and happy to play simple as well as complex is essential!


See you all in the new year. Can't be any worse than the last... right? 



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